Flowers, Still Life

One morning last month, driving through the back roads, I noticed a broad swathe of blue flowers hugging the road and instantly I was swept off my feet by their brilliant color. I remembered seeing those flowers each summer, although they were sparsely scattered on the curbside near my neighborhood. I had always smiled as I drove past them and wondered how pretty it would be to see a field filled with such pretty flowers. Seeing the broad blue ribbon of chicory while I pedaled along country roads a few days ago further ignited my craze for them. Right after my bike ride that day, I searched for information about them on Google. I came across an article in the ny times that called this flower Cheshire Cat of Herbs. It seemed like an apt title. Now I can proudly declare myself a big fan of chicory that, perhaps, most people consider a weed. After all, it was worthy of an article in the ny times.


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