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  1. I am very interested in your photos. I did not know that still life could be captured so beautifully in photography. Thank you so much for the pleasant impressions.

  2. Brilliant , Vibrant, Colorful, Subtle, Beautiful. Each click is unique. Loved all of them.
    You could also add some black and white marvels that you have.

  3. Beautiful pics – they look real and captivating shots. The still life as beautiful as the texting shot. Keep posting more, as they are a treat to the eye!

  4. Wonderful and Vibrant! You have ‘made’ these pictures! I can sense your passion when I see them. Kudos to you; bring on more!

  5. Brilliant!!! My favourites already:
    1) Yogurt the plain one.
    2) Yogurt jar on the left with the runny berry leaving that beautiful stain. Mouth wateringly gorgeous photo!
    3) Pink Explosion- xxx Gorgeous model.
    4) I’d love to meet V xxx (requesting password in my inbox..can’t wait to see the hunk in full xxxx)
    5) Dried Yet Pretty 5) NYC- Amazing skyline capture.

    SO proud!! Makes me so happy xxxx