I’ll inevitably be gaining weight thanks to all the sugary foods I have been making these past couple of days. I made an assorted number of pies, cakes and quick breads including the traditional pumpkin pie. Look, I’m no expert in making pumpkin pie. So I’ll admit my pie wasn’t exactly perfect. But without a doubt, my homemade flaky crust and spiced custard made it delicious. This year, I served it with whipped greek yogurt instead of whipped cream–my feeble attempt to lower the calories.
My absolute favorite way of making a cake is to make it in a skillet. I made cakes with a couple of different berries this year. Whether it was cranberry or blackberry cake, it was so hard to resist eating the cake that should have been cooling on the wire rack. But there was no need to wait—they were amazing warm from the oven.
As if all that baking wasn’t enough, I just made a tarte tartin. But we’ll save it for brunch tomorrow.
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