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You can never replicate certain kinds of food in your kitchen. And why would you want to? They either don’t have the same appeal as the store-bought or aren’t worth the hassle of making them from scratch. But hummus is not in that category. The […]


I’ll inevitably be gaining weight thanks to all the sugary foods I have been making these past couple of days. I made an assorted number of pies, cakes and quick breads including the traditional pumpkin pie. Look, I’m no expert in making pumpkin pie. So I’ll admit my […]


So, when I scoured the fridge to see what I could use to make something quick, I found a plump eggplant. It charred quickly on the gas burner. I was able to peel its skin off easily while still hot. I used a pair of […]


Here’s a simple salad that is satisfying but easy to make.  I made it with an Indian ingredient called “beaten rice.” It resembles bulgur if you ask me. I used cherry tomatoes, red peppers and cucumbers to give it some color. Shredded coconut was my […]